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Weekly Music Review: XXXTENTACION

This week’s review is on Florida rapper Jahseh D. Onfroy, AKA “XXXTENTACION’s” new album “Revenge.” I want to say ‘up and coming’ but he’s pretty much famous(or infamous) for his music and dealings with the music industry. His hit song “Look At Me” is everywhere, and there were even speculations and talkings about Drake biting his flow for the first two lines of “KMT” from “More Life.” The song is the definition of loud(even in his vocal level) obnoxious, new age rap music, and for that simple fact, at first I didnt like it, at all. I didnt like the concept, the lyrics, nothing. It was another one of those facepalm “is the rap game really coming to this” type of moments, of which ive been having too much of lately. I eventually began to give in, and try the song out….. Its crack….I dont even wanna like it, but i hit the ‘look at me’ pipe once too many times and now I cant stop.

Here it is: Look At ME

The fact that I from the jump, didnt want to listen or like his music, I decided to check it out, and it changed my mind, boy was I the fuck wrong. “Revenge” I see under the ‘New Music’ tab of Apple Music. Click.


Simple yet scary with the font. The first song is ‘Look At Me,’ which I already listen to, too much, so I skip to track two. “I Dont Wanna Do This Anymore.” I start to listen then pick my phone back up, go to a different song, and back again, in disbelief that what I was listening to was the same artist. I like it. Im still not wanting to like it, but i can’t help myself, and I have to respect good music when it hits my ears. The next song ‘Looking For A Star” I begin to realize that XXXTENTACION is not the average artist. I begin to fall in love with this music im hearing. I’ve also always admired multi-genre endeavors, and this fills that definition in full force. These next two songs are so completely different from the repetitive and simple vibration of his hit single. With downbeat, real instrument composed beats, to upbeat, island sounding, dubstep incorporated beats, to Nine Inch Nail riff sounding songs. No joke, he actually screams(not like the loud yelling he does in ‘Look At Me,’ rather, screaming like in a hardcore or screamo band) on the 5th track “King.”  At one point, it sounded like a Slipknot song, ironically the next track, entitled “Slipknot(feat. Kin$oul & Killstation)” to show us his ability to lyrically add a play on words with the repeating chorus “won’t fall, my nigga, I slip not.”

I give this project 4.9 out of 5

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