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Harm Reduction & Overdose Prevention

What we do

Saucewithspoons' Harm Reduction & Overdose Prevention program is  

a community service organization laser-focused on enhancing the safety and well-being of young adults across South Carolina, particularly within the vibrant music and arts scene. Our base in Richland County, Columbia, serves as the launchpad for our statewide mission, bringing critical harm reduction services directly to music festivals, concerts, and arts-based gatherings. These events, which are integral to the cultural fabric of our state, unfortunately, also represent settings where young adults are at an increased risk for substance use and potential overdose. Saucewithspoons is dedicated to intercepting these risks by embedding our services within the very heart of where music and arts thrive, ensuring that our interventions are as accessible as they are impactful.

The stark reality of the opioid crisis, especially the surge in fentanyl-related overdoses, underscores the urgency of our mission. In 2020 alone, South Carolina was confronted with 1,734 drug overdose deaths, with opioids being the grim reaper in 1,400 of these instances. Fentanyl, a potent adversary in this crisis, was responsible for 1,100 of these deaths. This epidemic mirrors national trends, where fentanyl has dramatically escalated the rate of overdose deaths, magnifying the necessity of our presence at music and arts events. By weaving our harm reduction efforts into the fabric of these gatherings, Saucewithspoons aims to illuminate the dangers of opioid use with the hope of reversing these harrowing statistics.

Central to our strategy is the distribution of free fentanyl test kits at every music event and festival we attend. By equipping event-goers with these lifesaving tools, we empower them to make informed decisions, significantly mitigating the risk of accidental overdose. This initiative is a testament to our belief in proactive, preventive measures—rooted in education and empowerment—delivered through a medium that resonates deeply with our audience. Music and arts events, characterized by their spirit of community and shared experiences, offer a unique opportunity for Saucewithspoons to effect meaningful change, creating ripples of awareness that extend far beyond the event itself.

In our ongoing quest to fortify the safety net around South Carolina’s music and arts festivals, Saucewithspoons is also gearing up to introduce Naloxone distribution into our array of services. This expansion underscores our commitment to not just inform and prevent but to actively equip our communities with the means to respond to overdoses effectively. As we navigate the certification process, our vision remains clear—to embed our harm reduction initiatives deeply within the music and arts ecosystem, ensuring that every chord struck and every stroke painted is accompanied by a message of safety and support. Join us in our relentless pursuit to safeguard the vibrancy of our state’s music and arts events, making them a beacon of not only cultural enrichment but also of health and safety for all.

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