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SexyyRed brings 'Hood's Hottest Princess' Tour to Nashville

On November 4, St. Louis rapper Janae Nierah Wherry, known as Sexyyred, brought her headlining tour to one of Nashville's most popular venues, the Brooklyn Bowl. The energy of the venue remained high throughout the entire night, with audience members cheering and calling out for each artist between their sets. The show opened with short performances from rappers Honey Baby, Genesisthegawd, and Tay Money. A local dj spun a few songs between each set, helping to keep the crowd's energy up until Wherry's performance.

After Tay Money closed her set with performances of her most popular songs "White Girl Wasted" and "The Assignment," the dj's callouts were only met with consistent cheers of excitement for Wherry's performance. As her hit song "I'm the Shit" began and smoke poured from the front of the stage, Wherry appeared to begin the show adorned in her signature color.

As she continued through the set, the dedication of her fans was evident as even those on the balcony seemed to know every word. Wherry frequently engaged with the crowd and was consistently met with the same sassy energy that her songs exude from each audience member.

The feedback loop of confidence between Wherry and her fans was especially evident between those standing at the middle of barricade who claimed to have waited for hours to secure their spot and didn't skip a beat the entire show. As Wherry closed the set with her two most popular songs, "Skee yee" and "Poundtown," confetti and smoke, poured from the stage to finish the evening.


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