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MUNA & Nova Twins Bring “Life’s So Fun” Tour to Atlanta’s Tabernacle

On April 28, alternative band MUNA stopped to perform at Atlanta’s downtown Tabernacle as the sixth stop on their spring 2023 tour. The tour has been primarily accompanied by Nova Twins, a London-based alternative rock duo often known for their striking feature on Bring Me The Horizon’s song, “1x1”.

As the crowd lights in the venue dimmed to incite the beginning of the evening’s performances, heavily distorted bass rang through the speakers as the crowd went silent. The Nova Twins quickly jumped on stage as their song “Fire & Ice” began, with clear enthusiastic feedback from the crowd. Consisting of Amy Love on lead vocals and guitar, and Georgia South on bass, the duo remained energetic and engaged with the crowd throughout the entire performance, prompting audience members to interact by dancing or singing along to each song.

A few minutes after the opening set came to an end, the stage began to fill with smoke and an ambient blue glow. Two of MUNA's band members, Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson, were initially welcomed to the stage by an uproar from the crowd. As soon as frontman Katie Gavin followed, emerging from the stage’s haze, their hit song “What I Want” began, and the room bursted with energy.

As the floor shook with rhythmic jumping from those in general admission, dedicated fans sang along to every lyric throughout the night. The band primarily performed songs from their self-titled album, ‘MUNA,’ consistently switching out instruments among each other, and even included a more stripped-down portion of their set that allowed them to perform some of their more acoustic tracks.

After returning for an encore, MUNA Finally closed with their most popular song, “Silk Chiffon,” originally featuring alternative indie artist Phoebe Bridgers. When the time came for Bridgers’s verse, Nova Twins returned from backstage to perform alongside MUNA for a final rally from the crowd.

MUNA is scheduled to make eleven more stops, accompanied by Nova Twins for nine, on their nearly sold out “Life’s So Fun” tour across the United States. Tickets and information can be found here.

Photos & Story by Tessa Wessel


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