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Nashville Indie Pop Artist Samia Performs at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse

March 10, 2023, singer-songwriter Samia Najimy Finnery, commonly known solely by Samia, brought her North American headlining tour to Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse located in Little Five Points, the city’s most popular arts district. The show was opened by Tommy Lefroy, a London-based indie-pop duo that took the stage side by side, swapping periodically between electric and acoustic guitars. The duo began their performance by announcing the release of a full six-song EP the night before, allowing them to excitedly perform several of the project’s songs for the first time.

Towards the end of their performance, Tommy Lefroy introduced Samia to front of the stage to assist with vocals to close out their last heartfelt ballad of the evening. A few moments later, Samia carried on the same tone by opening her show with a dimly lit performance of her heart-wrenching, synth-heavy song “Kill Her Freak Out.” Throughout the night, energy continued to pick up and slow down from her bouncy dance moves that accompanied her hit pop song “Honey,” to a somber performance of “Breathing Song” with only a piano to accompany her voice.

As she announced the end of the show, Samia invited the two front members of Tommy Lefroy back onstage to perform an acapella song together. As the lights dimmed and each performer waved goodbye, a rhythmic cheer for an encore began from the back balcony of the venue. A few moments later Samia ran back onstage, delivering a bouncy performance of one of her popular 2021 singles, “Show Up.” The show concluded as she reached out to the crowd from the front of the stage, belting the closing lyrics “I’ll sing another song for the people I love.”

Tickets and information for the remainder of Samia’s “Honey” tour can be found here.

Photos and story by Tessa Wessel via SAUCEWITHSPOONS


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