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Sauce of the week: “Free Lunch Program” – Nepotism

This week’s sauce is Columbia, SCs very own ‘Nepotism.‘ Labeled an “alternative hip-hop” band, however, this label doesn’t properly describe The Free Lunch Program. This project is compromised of everything from punk to alternative, ska to hard rock, rap to spoken word, a true “multigenre” endeavor. Comprised of Soda City natives: Rob Kershaw, Moses Andrew III and Deshawn Younger. Hearing this sound coming from my hometown is a breath of fresh air, to say the least. Hearing of them before, Im actually surprised Nepotism hasnt taken Columbia by storm in the field of performing at local festivals/events.


With Columbia’s general distaste for live hip-hop, this act(for example, the song “Sad”) seems like the perfect ‘not so vulgar’ type of sound it seems would be more locally embraced. But maybe Nepotism aims for their niche of fans and thats perfectly fine. Honestly, wether or not they hit mainstream success or not, their music is far from it, and I have high hopes for their next project. If I could have one wish to see on upcoming projects, is to be completely encaptured and taken away by the socially driven lyrics. For majority of the projects with multiple instruments in the background, it sometimes is hard to make out the lyrics with the mind. The Slaughterhaus interlude is too dope.

Standout Tracks: 



“Listen Up”

go check their official bandcamp out at:

And check out their featured video for ‘War Zone(Choppa)” below:



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