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New SOTW & Saucelists!

Every week we’re popping out a brand new playlist of the sauciest music available to all Apple Music subscribers to stream, for the free!). And this week we have 1, count em, 2, count em, THREE brand new custom Apple Music “saucelists.” We detail them below. Subscribe and vibe! I always #recommend shuffle to keep it interesting. #sauce #saucewithspoons

  1. Lit Sauce

– Its Lit! Litty again with the sauciest, most turnt saucelist. Updated weekly, so click add playlist to stay lit! Strictly bangers. Add the Saucelist here: Lit Sauce

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2. Hustle & Sauce

Hustle. Grind. Sauce. Get that Paper. Pull that Jugg, Do what it takes to win. Updated weekly with only the best money making anthems. Now add playlist and go get that guala!  Add “Hustle & Sauce” Here:  “HUSTLE & SAUCE”

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3. Women’s Empowerment Saucelist

Had to do one for the ladies, for our queens of music. Rock on. Stay uplifted. Add our Women’s Empowerment list here: WOMENS EMPOWERMENT SAUCELIST

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Those are our new #saucelists, check em out, add them to your apple music collection, and give us your feedback, tell us what you think and what types of new saucelists you wanna hear! We made these playlists for YOU! Interact with us and tell us what you think!

Now, for the Sauce of The Week!


Song: do re mi(Feat. Gucci Mane)

Artist: Blackbear

Why SOTW?: Blackbear started off as a pop-leaning ghostwriter and transformed into a full fledged star in a matter of a few years. I first heard Blackbear on a song with Hoodie Allen, and Kyle. I ran it back a few times, and really tried to like it, but couldnt bring myself to. I listened to more of his material and was overcome by the overuse of drugs and sex in his content, it didnt feel real to me. I got a big poser vibe, and still kind of hold that to this day. But hey, to each their own. I thought Blackbear would stay in his niche and eventually fade. Then on the Apple Music Charts, I discovered he dropped a new song and decided to give it a listen. Woah, not only is this song catchy as fuck, the concept is so simple I hate myself for not thinking of it first. The production, the content, everything. I loved it. Fast forward a week and he drops a music video for it featuring Gucci Mane! I was in complete shock. Not that Gucci doesnt do features like its his job, rather the context of the feature. Blackbear is a newer, unheardof by the mainstream hip-hop scene(until now) artist. But you can’t deny the catchiness of this song, and I guess neither could Gucci. Will Blackbear transition into the hip-hop world or keep going as a pop&b artist? Only time will tell, but for now, he has the SAUCE OF THE WEEK with his new record. check out the music video for the song below:

Rant: I dont like how he’s holding a guitar in the video and theres no guitar in the song. that is all.

Honorable Mention:

Song: Ten Toes Down(feat. Jace)

Artist: Calebjustcaleb

Why HM?: I’d think it a tad egotistical to put my new track as SOTW, so im giving you two. In Conclusion of my “Summer 17 Series” where I dropped a new song every week for the whole summer, here is the single “Ten Toes Down” off of my upcoming EP Watching Grease Boil. As you know, Ive worked with Jace before, and he never disappoints with the features. When I finished the track, I actually sent him a few with open verses at like 1am and he was going crazy over this beat/hook combo. He sent me his verse the next day and we mixed it, now its my single. I’ve been campaigning on this track harder than any of my previous ones because I have a feeling this one might stay. Songs come and go, but i’m definitely trying to get this one to the masses. In collaboration with Columbia SC main hip-hop station Hot 103.9/93.9 FM, the track will be in rotation until at least September, though i’m hoping for a rest of the year stretch. 12AM-6AM is when it is played the most frequently so tune in. Shouts out to everyone at the station. Much Love. The clean version of the track is available for free to stream on Youtube and Facebook(links below) and the CDQ version available on all major music platforms(Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Shazam, etc).

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