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Kendrick drops new visuals for “Loyalty” with Rihanna (WATCH HERE)

Kendrick Lamar dropped his album “DAMN!” earlier this year, with critical acclaim, to see the least. Id like to say most people would agree that its the hottest mainstream Hip-hop album of the year. With that title, the visuals are expected to be nice. And with Kendrick as TDE’s top artist, they SHOULD have the resources to make nice visuals. The first two videos, for “Humble” and “Element” were nice, but not this level of nice. The next video dropped was for “DNA,” featuring an extended cameo from Don Cheadle. Appropriately, the scenescape makes you feel like you’re watching a suspense/thriller movie throughout the whole visual. If this video doesn’t get video of the year, I will be extremely disappointed. Here is the DNA video

Now I assumed that would be the final visual released for songs off of DAMN! but out of nowhere, Kendrick drops a video for “Loyalty(feat. Rihanna)” All of Kendrick’s videos are “harder to grasp” for the average Migos music video watcher(no offense to Migos, different types of videos. I know you werent left off “Bad and Boujie”, Takeoff, its cool.) But one particular visual metaphor was the Batman like scene with RiRi. Watch the video below:

Now if you study mainstream hip-hop albums and how many visuals are put put on average per album length, the industry doesnt like the number 4. Which only leads me to speculate this is NOT the last video from DAMN! if i had to guess, I think we’ll see a visual for “Love(feat. Zacari)” up next, let us pray.

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“Two first names…fuck is up with that?” – Don Cheadle

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