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Goth Babe Brings Antics to Atlanta On Their "Lola" Tour

As the fifth stop on their massive five month North American tour, electronic-indie artist Griffin Washburn, also known as Goth Babe, vibrantly performed in Atlanta’s Eastern in midtown.

Indie-folk artist Yoke Lore, opened up the performance with an astounding amount of energy. He stood beside his drummer to perform as a duo with minimal gear. As the audience sang and jumped along to some of their popular tracks like “Chin up” and “Beige,” frontman Adrian Galvin shifted between playing different instruments and energetically dancing across the stage.

A few minutes after Yoke Lore’s set concluded, the drummer and key player for Goth Babe took stage as neon bar lights and an illuminating backdrop began to glow, with small drawings of trees peering through. Washburn took the stage, beginning with his song “New Born Worlds.”

Two songs into their set, Washburn momentarily left the stage, returning with a human-sized inflatable watermelon. After asking for a volunteer from the crowd, the room lit up with noise until he chose an audience member from the barricade to crowd surf on it for the next two songs.

As the show continued, multiple different props kept the crowd on their toes. Washburn threw cupcakes up to the top balcony, kicked out beach balls for the crowd to pass around, and finally closed the show by returning out in costume for the final two encore songs, “Driving South” and “Weekend Friend.”

Tickets and information for the rest of the “Lola” tour can be found here.

Photos and Story by Tessa Wessel


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