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St. Pat's in Five Points 2024 shakes things up with new stages, eclectic lineup & more...

Updated: Apr 19

Columbia, SC

On March 16th 2024, The Five Points Streets filled with locals and visitors alike to get together for an annual St. Patrick's Day celebration, live music, incredible food and even green beer. soaking up the festive vibes and embracing the spirit of the holiday. Columbia's St. Pats in Five Points was the place to be, blending tradition with a whole lot of fun against the backdrop of the city's charm.

I had the privilege of capturing a few of the bands performing including, Columbia's very own Aim High, Mo Lowda & The Humble, & Spider Monkey. Here's my Recap of the day.

Aim High

Columbia’s very own Aim High was in attendance at the New Brookland Tavern stage. Fronted by lead vocalist Calebjustcaleb, alongside Thomas Baker (guitar) and Jack Williams (drums) Formed a powerful mix of alternative hardcore and pop-punk to the local music scene. From the get-go, the crowd was fully engaged by Caleb’s infectious energy. One of the things that sets Aim High apart is their ability to bridge the gap between alternative rock and punk pop so seamlessly. They effortlessly switch gears from head-banging anthems & killer breakdowns to catchy, sing-along choruses that stick in your head for days. Although challenging, I had an amazing time shooting their set. Dodging moshers and trying to get the perfect shots with so much motion. Aim High really brought the house down at St. Pats. Whether you're a die-hard pop-punk fan or simply seeking an adrenaline rush, this live performance is a must-see for anyone craving an authentic and unapologetic musical experience.

Mo Lowda & The Humble

Philadelphia based indie rock band Mo Lowda & The Humble delivered an electrifying performance on the Blossom Stage that left the audience wanting more. Their fusion of rock, indie, and blues created a vibrant atmosphere that captivated everyone. From (Lead singer and guitarist) Jordan Caiola’s soulful vocals to powerful instrumentals by Kirby Sybert (Bass, Keyboard), Jeff Lucci (Guitar) , and Shane Woods (Drums), each song showcased the band's talent and passion for their craft. Mo Lowda & The Humble truly captivated the St. Pats crowd With their song titled “6-7” and left a lasting impression. I truly think the band gained a ton of new fans with this performance. I, personally, can’t wait to see them perform again!

Spider Monkey

St. Augustine based Rock band “Spider Monkey” formed in 1992 by Todd Horn, Randy Rockalotta, Tony Gialluca III, and Garrett Coleman. Their music combines elements of alternative rock, punk, and grunge. The band has gained a loyal following throughout the 90’s and has resurfaced in 2014 after a 15 year hiatus, bringing a nostalgic sound back to St. Pats in Columbia.  From the moment they took on the Santee Stage, the band shook the crowd with their powerful presence. With so much on-stage energy,  I noticed how pumped everyone was, watching, jumping and singing along. They definitely delivered a memorable and inclusive show that was a perfect fit for all festival goers on this sunny afternoon in Five Points.

As the festival drew to a close, the energy of the day lingered in the air, a testament to the incredible experience shared by all. Beyond the music and the food, it was the connections made and the moments of genuine camaraderie that truly defined the event. As attendees gradually dispersed into the night, the memories of laughter and shared joy remained, a reminder of the unifying power of music. This was my first year attending and I had such an amazing time, and I can't wait for next year!

Make sure to check out links to bands:

As well as the festival's website here

All words & photos by: Emily Sluss - @Slussphotos


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