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'Two States, One Tour' at Swanson's Warehouse in Greenville

Downtown Greenville is a hub for weekend nightlife, and Swanson’s Warehouse was especially popular on Friday, April 12th. Five bands performed energetic sets, gathering fans of alternative pop-punk music. The line consisted of - Aim High, Seneca Burns, Overthinker, Outatime! and Brigades. The cozy venue gave the crowd a packed in and chaotic feeling. Though the night started off slow with a few tech problems, the bands more than made up for it. Everyone who showed up had an unforgettable experience.

Aim High

The first band to play was Aim High. Though the night was off to a slow start, Aim High had good energy that encouraged the crowd to join in and let loose. Despite unforseen issues with the audio they still managed to draw a crowd and leave them with an unforgettable night. The lead singer was especially interactive with the crowd, jumping left and right, the guitarist following suit.

Seneca Burns

Seneca Burns drove down from Charlotte to play some of their newest hit songs from their album All Things Considered. The band of four people have been playing since 2020 and displayed an epic and high energy performance. The lead singer's face disappeared in a cloud of hair and the psychedelic movements were impossible to not recreate. The bands energy was pouring from the stage, eventually overflowing when the lead singer kissed and hugged his bandmates halfway through a song. Time slowed and the crowd was in hysterics, it all resulted in a moment that was undeniably and ineffably badass.


Overthinker has been growing their band and set list for the past five years by releasing multiple new albums. They drove all the way up from Florida to Swanson’s Warehouse and it's no wonder why. The drummer's dedication was scary, you could see him all night practicing alone on the sidelines, on stage he didn't miss a beat. It was clear that the entire band had a similar level of dedication and passion to their music. By the time they walked off stage one could barely believe the concert was halfway over.


Outatime! is a five-member band based in Orlando that has been creating lots of music for the past two years. They gave a compelling and interactive performance, even mingling off stage with the crowd. It was hard to believe the lead guitarist was the same as from the previous band, not only because of the 2 distinct styles he played but also due to his ability to remain standing. All five members were absolute troops, one takes solace in knowing if we ever go to war, they're on our side.


Brigades was the most experienced band to play that night, having been around since 2010. Their veteran status was blatantly apparent and very much deserved. They're from Spartanburg SC and drew in loads of local fans, ecstatic to hear them play. Despite the concert being three hours in, the crowd displayed as much energy as they had the entire show. It's undeniable to tell Brigades was a great way to end a great night.

Make sure to follow all the bands, as well as the promoters who put on the show for more shows in the area:

All Word & photos by: Aydyn Rohm


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