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Waterparks Fandom 'Sneaks Out Of Heaven' & sells out The Fillmore Charlotte

This past Saturday, March 23rd, Waterparks brought their 'Sneaking Out of Heaven' Tour to The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC, along with support in the band Loveless. With both acts currently over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, its zero surprise that this date sold out before the day of the show. Usually bands with as much success as Waterparks will bring out a band that is smaller than them but still a household name. In this case, though Loveless has seen their fair share of success, they definitely aren't a household name, yet. Maybe this tour changes that, only time will tell. Regardless, I really like the support pick and they obviously didn't let down as the tour has been selling out multiple dates with this 2 band bill.


The first time I heard of the band Loveless, they had just dropped their smash hit "Someone Else(feat. Kellin Quinn)." At that time, Kellin was doing a LOT of features, but this one stood out from the pack. Seemingly, this genuinely formed a connection between respective frontmen Julian & Kellin. With Quinn responding and even doing duet TikToks to promote the song, videos of them texting each other, being friendly, etc... It all seemed to be the perfect optics and with a little algorithmic fairy dust, they began to blow up. Using the platform that catapulted them into the limelight to release viral covers of famous songs "Running Up That Hill" as well as a Billie Eilish song and more. Their fans are strong and up until this point, I hadn't seen them live. If you were wondering, their live show is just as strong as their recorded music. I, personally, cannot wait until this band is a household name.


Whats not to be said about this band? The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Waterparks is how strong their fanbase is. In the era of less and less rockstars, could a pop-rock-rap band that isn't 21 Pilots find success? Yes, and its Waterparks. They even aptly named one of their albums 'Fandom.' You would think you're at a Justin Beiber concert with how many teenage girls were screaming every single word and rap lyric back to their makeup flaunting, hair dyed frontperson Awsten Knight. Coming from Houston, Texas (known more for their non-rock-soundscaped pop & rap acts) Waterparks is s breath of fresh air. With 6 Studio & Live albums under their belt & a slew of EPs & remixes, they definitely have a chunky sized catalog. They absolutely did not disappoint live, putting on a great show. If I had to reccomend one Waterparks song to get someone into them, I would show them "Lowkey As Hell" as I feel like it perfectly encapsulates the vibe & talent of this band.

Make sure to check out both these bands, and catch this tour if it comes through your area.

All things Waterparks HERE.

All words & photos by @SAUCEWITHSPOONS

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