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Tenacious D's 'Spicy Meatball Tour' rolls through Charlotte.

The duo of Jack Black & Kyle Gass, aka 'Tenacious D,' hit Charlotte this past Wednesday at the PNC Pavilion. This comedy based acoustic duo are known from everything to being feature film stars to busting out raunchy humor and creative compositions. Its absolutely safe to say that Tenacious D has a 'cult following' which was on display as fans began to call for the band at a nearly sold out PNC Pavilion.

Opening the night was Dave Hill. With just under 2,500 Monthly Listeners on Spotify, I wasn't surprised I haven't heard of his musical act going into the night. What was to come, I can safely say I was not prepared for. Stumbling onto, and around the stage, putting the fog machine into his face, singing out of key with his guitar, etc... its clear Dave Hill's 'schtick' is slapstick humor. I guess I could see how it could be appealing to some. I was not amused. Its clear he is a proficient guitarist. Maybe I need to check out his records, but I just did not understand the live show.

Tenacious D

Oh man, I remember being a teenager right at the release of 'Tenacious D And The Pick Of Destiny' was released in theaters. It commercially flopped, but I vividly remember obsessing over this movie and band with my friend group at the time; memorizing every word to every song in the movie. It was a vivid rock musical masterpiece, and it only made me admire the musical side of Jack Black more, as well as introduced the world to the chemistry that he has with Kyle Gass, making Tenacious D.

The fact that they made such an incredible movie, had so many hands in so many parts of it, low budget, big cameos, they get neverending respect from me as filmmakers, as well. It's been nearly 20 years since the release of TD&TPOD, though. Would they still have the magic as a band, and what would the live experience be like? Well, they definitely still have it, and the crowd easily agreed with me, roaring at every chance they got, and even more. Despite their age, the duo put on a hell of a show and proved to the world, once again, why they are the greatest band to ever exist. Tenacious D forever!

Check out their remaining tour dates here.

All words & photos by @SAUCEWITHSPOONS

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