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SOTW: “Landslide” – Awaken I Am



Awaken I Am

  1. Adam Douglas – Vocals

  2. Connor Oakley – Guitars

  3. Ned Jankovic – Guitars

  4. Luke McKenzie – Drums

Sounds like: Pierce The Veil, (older) I See Stars, Attack Attack, Crown The Empire

Signed to Victory Records, Brisbane, Australia’s softer yet dynamic “Metalcore” outfit Awaken I Am are journeying their way to the mainstream in the U S of A. It seems, if they stay at the pace and direction they’re already heading, they will be destined for stardom(or to at least to become a household band name). They’ve played alongside Chiodos, The Devil Wears Prada, I Set My Friends On Fire, and currently are on an Australian tour alongside Slaves.


Why and How are they the Sauce of The Week?:

One of their members actually randomly followed our instagram   and just started interacting with us on social media, which made me check his page out, checked out the band’s music, and now they have a new fan. I like when things work like that. We at Saucewithspoons loves interaction, but we also want to support you, and give back to those who support us! it really does mean alot! No, nobody from the band asked me to make a positive post about them(I wouldnt do that) but when you genuinely have the sauce, we will recognize, and if we don’t(cause we’re only like 1 person) submit your music or what you think should be featured to (New email :):)

This track shows that the band isnt afraid to shy away from the integration of digital production/percussion into their recordings. The vocal display proves Douglas has the potential to be a next Vic, or Kellen, if crafted continuously. I personally wish he would scream more. The bridge shows they can go from acoustic, to a harder chuggier sound without having a corny soundscape. The quality of the music video is nice too, but being signed with Victory, thats expected. I know i’ll be watching to see what they do next.

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