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Riot Fest Announces 2023 Lineup

The Chicago based music & event company Riot Fest have just announced the lineup for their 2023 flagship festival. As we eagerly await the event, let's dive into the eclectic mix of bands and artists set to grace the stages at Riot Fest this year.

Boasting previous year headliners such as My Chemical Romance, NIN, The Smashing Pumpkins, Slayer, & The Misfits(to name a few) everyone was on the edge of their seats for the announcement of the 2023 festival lineup. Seemingly, this year they've flipped the script and have gone for multiple "big but not the biggest in the world" type headliners, and have really invested in the quality of the non-headliners. In regards to the lineup in general, while the headliners might not be as impressive as last year, the overall lineup is extremely stacked.

Who we will be personally excited to see in regards to nonheadliners: AFI, Say Anything, 070 Shake, Head Automatica, Balance & Composure, Pool Kids, & Young Culture, to name a few.

Check out literally every detail possible regarding everything related to the festival and purchase tickets HERE !

Stay tuned for potential coverage of the event and let us know who you are the most excited to see this year!


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