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I Prevail 'True Power' Tour with Pierce The Veil & Friends Sweep Charlotte

This recent Wednesday, November 16, I Prevail brought their 'True Power' Tour through Charlotte, NC along with Pierce The Veil, Fit For A King & Stand Atlantic.

My initial reaction was of two sentiments. Firstly that the lineup was incredibly sick and that I had to attend. Secondly, I was semi-surprised to see Pierce The Veil opening for I Prevail on tour. Though, after further consideration it does make sense seeing as how huge I Prevail has become over the past few years on top of the fact that Pierce The Veil hasn't toured in years and is also about to drop an album(of which they will most likely headline tour off of).

Let's recap the night. I got in a little early to beat the crowd as the Fillmore can become crowded fast and with no press room, I had to setup camp early. Soon enough, the non-VIP crowd comes pouring in, all rushing to either the merch table or to the front to attempt to secure their position for the show. Mostly teenage - twenties year old girls with Pierce The Veil shirts and their crowd. Then the bearded bunch, the local "Mosh Pit Crew" with their flagagge & flair. It was pretty clear who was there to see whom, but the fact that multiple different fanbases within different genres of music were able to come together and be present for a show that showcased a variety of different genres was extremely awesome and heartwarming to see.

Stand Atlantic

Hailing from Australia, Stand Atlantic has over the last few years become one of my favorite new bands. They have also been touring the US a bunch, as this is my third time seeing them live, this year alone. Hot off of the release of their album 'f.e.a.r' (in which they seemingly find their perfect bag & sonic space to exist, as well as solidified their identity as a band). The Pop-rock/Modern Pop-punk energy is rampant throughout their music, and it transitions live extremely well. They are always great live, but this was definitely one of their better sets. If you've simply been sleeping under a rock and haven't heard of them, go give them a listen.

Fit For A King

Fit For a King is probably the band I was least familiar with entering the night. I knew that they were much heavier than Stand Atlantic, I knew their bassist did the human beyblade thing, besides that and one of their members affiliation with starting up the Featured X company, thats about it. I was extremely curious and excited to see their set. With a healthy blend of heavy modern digital production and metalcore soundscapes, this band definitely has the "core" elements while still fitting in playlists with "octane radio" type bands. Energetic set, they absolutely did not disappoint.

Pierce The Veil

I "came of age" when Pierce The Veil were all over my FUZE TV music video channel I would watch before high school. To say they are 'extremely personally influential' would be a vast understatement. This band will always hold a special place in my heart no matter what. With that out of the way, I can unbiasedly say that the question on most fans(who've seen them live before) minds was "do they still have it?" A few songs into their set, its clear that they are still at the top of their game performance and energy wise. For not having toured off an album for over 5 years, if you didn't know that, you probably wouldn't guess that they ever stopped touring. Not only was the live show immaculate, but they played a good mixture of material to please new and older fans alike. Aside from their somewhat annoying fanbase, I couldn't find a single negative aspect about their set, from the fog/stage production, to the live performance, to song selection, they absolutely slayed this set in every way/shape/form & have left me with a huge desire to make sure I catch them the next time they play the region.

I Prevail

It's safe to say that Detroit natives I Prevail is a band who has risen from "another metalcore band" to a Grammy nominated, chart topping, near "household name" within the scene, within the last five or so years. With (at time of publish) over 3.7 Million monthly Spotify listeners & millions of streams on seemly every song they have. Recently dropping their latest album 'True Power' which found billboard success, its extremely clear that this band has not only found their place within the commercial metal scene, and are milking the formula to the point where they recently received a Grammy nom. 'True Power' is a perfect name as well as description for their live show. At every moment, I Prevail made sure every audience member was at full mosh attention. They continue to kill it, and I will have this album on repeat for a while.

I Prevail is currently touring in Europe, head over to for tour dates, merch, music & more!


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