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Hyperpop Duo 100 Gecs is Set to Begin Second North American Headlining Tour

100 gecs, Missouri based hyperpop duo consists of Laura Les and Dylan Brady. As a solo artist, Brady produces experimental hyperpop & electronic music. Similarly, Les produces experimental hyperpop with a more niched focus into nightcore & noise, most popularly known for her single “Haunted.” The duo combined their talents, officially forming in 2015 and are now credited for pioneering much of what the internet currently knows as hyperpop.

On March 17, 2023, 100 gecs released their third studio album,'10,000 gecs' on all major streaming platforms. The album’s leading singles are currently, “Hollywood Baby” and “Dumbest Girl Alive,” both bass-heavy hyperpop tracks with heavily autotuned vocals. The album also includes two previously released hits, “mememe” and “Doritos and Fritos,” which popularized on TikTok in 2022.

On April 28, the duo will begin their second headlining tour, 10,000 Gecs Tour 2, in New York City supported by solo electronic artist Machine Girl. More than half of the tour dates have sold out, proving the strength of the duo's fanbase nationwide. Tickets and further details for the tour can be found here. They will perform in Atlanta’s Tabernacle as their fifth stop on tour, stay tuned for potential coverage of the show!

Written by Tessa Wessel

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