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Capstan returns to Columbia with a commanding performance at the (new) New Brookland Tavern

Post-Hardcore outfit Capstan is definitely on my current list of "favorite touring bands" so when I saw the announcement for their return to Columbia, this time at the freshly relocated New Brookland Tavern with support from regional bands Parris Bridge & Sunbreak, I knew I wanted to cover it so lets jump in.

Last time playing at The Senate while supporting Broadside & Set It Off, this time headlining their own tour, I was surprised that the turnout wasn't larger. Granted, Wednesday nights are probably the hardest night of the week to tour on, given the popularity of the band as well as the popularity of the new location of the venue, I just expected more heads. This could be a nod toward the sentiment that regional bands are not local bands, and do not draw as well as locals could (overall). Capstan wasn't touring with any support, so the decision to add 2 bands from outside markets, and none from Columbia was...surprising. Luckily these choices and ticket sales are not my job.

All bands killed their sets, and I while i do wish there were more people, as a fan of the band, it was kind of cool to have a more intimate experience with the headliner, planned or not.


From Augusta, Georgia, and (to my knowledge) their first time playing in Columbia, the band

Sunbreak opened up the night. They were crazy sick, and probably couldn't have done their set better. The overall music, the individual performances, the backtrack & production level, was truly an awesome experience. Their frontman Jade Williamson keeps the crowd engaged by bantering with the audience in-between songs. In all honesty, this was nearly the perfect set to open the night up. If I wish anything, its that more people got to experience it.

Parris Bridge

From Greenville, South Carolina, Parris Bridge is a fairly well known regional band. They are all very proficient at their respective instruments, as well as has music that is similar enough to Capstans for them to share a bill. The crowd seemed to thoroughly enjoy their set.


This would be marked as my 4th Capstan show. This set, in specific, was a showcase of the band's exceptional talent and undeniable chemistry, transforming what could have been seen as a modestly attended event into an intimate gathering of superfans. The small crowd did nothing to dampen the spirit of the evening; instead, it amplified the connection between the band and their most devoted listeners. Capstan navigatd their first headlining slot with a mastery that belied the size of NBT, delivering a performance that was both crazy energetic & emotionally resonant. Their set, a perfect blend of their old and new post-hardcore mixed with prog, was executed with precision and passion, proving that the quality of a show is not measured by the number of attendees but, rather, by the impact of the performance itself. This night in Columbia was a clear indication of Capstan's ability to captivate and engage, no matter the setting, highlighting their prowess as live performers ready to make their mark on larger stages. They 1000% killed their set, and I will, as I will encourage all readers who are fans of this general soundscape to, go see Capstan the next time they perform anywhere in the area.

The band announced that they are planning on dropping an album on May 24, 2024 entitled "The Mosaic."

Make sure to preorder that, and stay up to date with the band here.

All words/photos @SAUCEWITHSPOONS

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