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2020 #1 No Budget Music Video + EPOTY - HIP-HOP/R&B #3: BABY KEEM

*any release with more than 1 song and less than 7 songs will be held in consideration for EPOTY*

2020. HA!

A lot could be said about this year. But, let's just get straight to it and skip the small talk.

#3. "hooligan / sons & critics" - Baby Keem

Let's not kid ourselves, if it wasn't for Drakes HARD cosign, Baby Keem probably wouldn't be, but alas, he is. It's apparent that despite the simple flows, lack of complex bars and arguably corny style, he is a very intelligent artist. The thing that I personally love about Baby Keem, and this 2 song project is that he/it fully embraces the sentiment that sometimes drip is all that matters in music. Does it feel good? Does it sound good? Yes.

"Hooligan" is the catchiest of the 2 songs. I have actually put this song in a surprising amount of my playlists. "I start to question what freedom is...I drip in all black like an emo bitch."

After listening to it so many times you can tell its just a compilation of Drake and Kendrick flows, but it works. The music video for this song is brilliant yet simplistic. Pulling our #1 "No Budget Music Video Of The Year" spot for 2020, see for yourself why:

"sons & critics freestyle" while it could very well be a freestyle, it seems a tiny orchestrated, and a lot annoying after listening to it a bunch back to back. Baby Keem is simply the kind of artist that can pull off lyrics like this and not get laughed out of the game, because he is obviously "in on the joke." I'm very sure he knows and embraces that he isn't the next coming of complex lyricism. It still very much bumps and with the aforementioned Drake cosign in his 2020 interview, I think Baby Keem will be doing the "digital dash" after capitalizing on this shout-out.

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