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100gecs Swings Through Atlanta with Machine Girl

100gecs, new wave hyperpop duo consisting of artists Laura Les and Dylan Brady, performed at Atlanta’s Tabernacle on May 3. The vibrancy of the crowd was evident before the doors of the venue even opened, as the attire of those energetically in line were filled with glitter, rainbow accessories, and animal ears.

New York electronic artist Machine Girl, often known for their rambunctious performances, opened the show with an insane amount of energy. As soon as their performance began, a large mosh pit opened in the crowd and stayed moving for the entirety of the performance as they theatrically jumped around onstage. Towards the end of the set, Machine Girl grabbed a microphone with a wire that spanned the size of the whole venue and jumped into the crowd, eventually scaling a ladder to the venue’s balcony, closing their set on the railing of the second story.

Just as the crowd seemed to cool down from the hysterics of Machine Girl’s performance, the venue lights dimmed as a long ambient bass noise sounded to incite the beginning of 100gecs’s performance. Les and Brady emerged from behind a giant LED screen as it began to glow bright white. Without an intro, they started with their punchy hit “Dumbest Girl Alive.”

The energy of the room did not dull for a moment of the entire performance. As the duo bounced around on stage, the vibrant led screen behind them quickly switched between different memes and images, sometimes depicting footage from a live camera facing certain audience members, adding to the psychedelic nature of the evening.

Towards the end of the performance, it was clear what songs were the fans' favorites, as the introduction of “mememe” was met with an uproar from the crowd and the floor began shaking with the rhythmic jumps to their final song, “gec 2 U.”

Tickets and information for the remainder of 100gecs’s tour with Machine Girl can be found here.

Photos and Story by Tessa Wessel

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