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A Day To Remember Announces "Raisin Hell in the Heartland Tour" W/ Boston Manor & Knocked Loose

This week A Day To Remember(ADTR) announced a new tour via Twitter. Which means tickets are now on sale for the "Raisin Hell In The Heartland Tour" which currently features 21 dates across the US, Mexico and the UK. This tour features supporting acts Boston Manor and Knocked Loose. This tour has a surprising amount of southeast dates(Augusta,

Raleigh, Myrtle Beach, Richmond, Chattanooga, New Orleans and Birmingham). We will be covering the Sunday, June 16 2019 date at the Bell Auditorium(Which, alongside The James Brown Arena, make up the Augusta Entertainment Complex. I live in South Carolina, but Augusta is extremely accessible, and its really good to see their scene grow venue wise over the years, I love it.) You can purchase tickets and check out the venue at or Now to the sauce; not only is it the 10 year anniversary of their groundbreaking & scene shaking album "Homesick,"(Holy shit...10 years... REALLY? SMH)

but we also get to see Boston Manor and Knocked Loose live as well! Now, I haven't personally got to see a full Knocked Loose set(running between bands at Warped Tour), but I have seen both Boston Manor and ADTR live, multiple times and can vouch for both of their live shows(at their respective levels of artistry) I've seen Boston Manor twice and this upcoming show will be my Fourteenth A Day To Remember show. Judge me, I absolutely love them and will see them every time they come around. We also just upgraded alot of our equipment, so aside from live streaming directly from our official Facebook and Instagram accounts, we will be interacting with the crowd, and have a live, IN MOSH PIT GoPro stream (@Saucewithspoons). Its gonna be nuts. (Pray for my equipments survival. bless.) That means if you plan on attending, come say hello, but if you can't make it, tune in to our social media for the live sauce. Are YOU going? Which date are you the most exited about? Which songs do they HAVE to play? Let us know on social media or our contact page!

To me, picking a favorite ADTR song is like picking a favorite child, so I wont. But beres some of my best picks from "Homesick."

© 2019Saucewithspoons

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