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STRFKR Headlining Tour Sails Through Athens, GA

Wednesday, February 15, Portland based indie rock band STRFKR performed at Athens, Georgia’s largest music venue, Georgia Theatre, as the twelfth stop on their headlining tour. The show opened with solo artist Das Kope, performing alone on stage with minimal ambient lighting and only his guitar. Through songs like “Meet You in the Dark” and “Tiger,” his lo-fi melodies and trippy vocal effects set the psychedelic tone for the evening that STRFKR would soon carry into their performance.

As the four core band members of STRFKR took the stage, they began their set with a two slow-paced songs off their 2020 album, Future Past Life. As the show continued, the energy quickly began to build as backup dancers in astronaut suits and fuzzy cat costumes joined to perform alongside them, engaging with the crowd and interacting with the trippy visual projections.

The show closed with a punchy house cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” featured on STRFKR’s most popular album Jupiter. Confetti cannons reached the farthest balcony seats, covering the crowd in color during their songs’ engaging breakdowns as the band encouraged the crowd to jump and clap along with them.

Tickets and information for the remainder of STRFKR's United States tour can be found here.

Photos and story by Tessa Wessel


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