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Music Midtown 2023: Full Lineup, Tickets & More

Established in 1994, Atlanta Georgia's annual Music Midtown Festival is back for 2023 and we are ready to dive into all of the juicy details! Will the festival actually happen this year? How does the lineup compare to the highly anticipated 2022 lineup? Why did the festival get cancelled last year? We hope to answer all of these questions & more!

With such an established festival in one of the biggest cities in the US, of course the lineup is going to be stacked. Boasting previous headliners including (but not limited to): The Foo Fighters, Blink-182, Aerosmith, Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Travis Scott & Coldplay. Even still, the anticipation for the 2022 festival blew prospective attendees' minds upon the lineup announcement. My Chemical Romance, Future, Fall Out Boy, Jack White, Phoenix, A Day To Remember, 2 Chainz & more.

Unfortunately, the 2022 Music Midtown event cancelled right before it was set to take place. According to "recent changes to Georgia’s gun laws, which prevented Music Midtown’s owner Live Nation from banning festivalgoers from bringing guns on to the publicly owned festival grounds at Piedmont Park, were “the likely cause” for the cancellation."

To no surprise, prospective attendees were upset, some blaming Georgia's "backwards weapons laws" as the reason they couldn't see their favorite artist or band, though, neither Live Nation nor Music Midtown have confirmed the 2022 was cancelled directly due to gun laws.

So, what is different this year? Will they have the festival? What has changed in Georgia since 2022 and what does this mean for the festival?

Scheduled for Sept 15-17th, everything (at time of publish) posted from the organizers indicates that the 2023 event will be held, as planned, at Piedmont Park. No large weapons legislation has passed since 2022 that would effect the legality of banning weapons in a public space in Georgia, so we kind of just have to wait and see with that one.

Now, the lineup. It was going to be nearly impossible to top the "would be" 2022 lineup, especially right now in this current festival market, headliners are generally smaller with support bands & artists being larger. You see it with festivals of like-size all across the US right now. Surprisingly, while the 2023 lineup isn't as impressive as the previous years', it definitely doesn't disappoint. With headliners including P!NK, Billie Eilish, The 1975, Guns & Roses and Lil Baby; and support acts including Thirty Seconds To Mars, Pitbull, J.I.D, Incubus, Glorilla and more. Out of all of the similar sized multi-genre festivals happening this year, this is absolutely one of the best lineups i've seen announced. Personally, I wouldn't miss this year if I were you. See the full lineup below. Secure your tickets, & find everything Music Midtown related at their official site HERE. Stay tuned for potential live coverage via @SAUCEWITHSPOONS & let us know who you are most excited to see on this years lineup!

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