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Shinedown, Papa Roach & Spiritbox literally shake Simpsonville, South Carolina

This past Tuesday, September 26th Shinedown, Papa Roach & Spiritbox brought their tour to Simpsonville, South Carolina. The package was so loud, they literally caused part of the City of Simpsonville to shake.

The event began with my personal favorite of the package in Spiritbox. A good amount of people were not prepared for how heavy the band was. They had a great stage presence, and the audience seemingly enjoyed the performance overall. Their set was disappointingly short, playing only the hits. They slayed the songs they did play, though in time comparison to Papa Roach, I feel like they should have at least gotten another 15 minutes. Their slot on this tour isn't the 'usual' tour they would support, but I get the move. The 'dad-rock' demographic is hugeeee and tapping into that by joining (arguably) 2 of the biggest bands of that type, it will definitely increase their audience, probably into a demo of people that would never would have checked them out without another reason to.

Papa Roach

A classic emo-rock band that seamlessly transitioned into one of the biggest dad-rock type bands in the scene. They have been a band for decades, and have had radio hits for just as long. Its easy to see the appeal of this band in a live setting. They reach multiple demographics; from the misunderstood kids that were coming of age to 'Last Resort' who are now in their late 20's, to the dads who fell in love with 'Help' to their kids and family they brought along for the ride. As one of the 'Last Resort' era type fans, I appreciated the nostalgic feeling during the set, though I did feel as if the vocalist stopping the set to ramble on about mental health was forced(i'm all for mental health advocacy but this was just another level).


Jacksonville, FL based powerhouse rock outfit Shinedown headlined the night, and let me tell you, it was absolutely a headline performance. Coming from someone who isn't the personal biggest fan of the band, their show was nothing short of great. The production, the stage presence across the board, the pyro, the crowd interaction, everything was great.

Make sure to catch Shinedown, Papa Roach & Spiritbox on their remaining tour dates here.



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