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New "Carolinacore" Official Saucewithspoons Apple Music Playlist

We have created a playlist exclusively featuring the sauciest of the music coming out of The Carolinas. This playlist is updated frequently, so make sure to add it to your library and it will Auto-update everytime new music is added.

The current playlist features:

Harm, Never I, Tia Corine, Withdraw, Aborlea, The Second After, Soul Press, Invoking The Abstract, Come Clean, A Light Divided, Calebjustcaleb, Brigades, Descent, Daewoo$, Stress Fractures, Dear Desolate, Glass Mansions, East Viridian, Smoke Gambino, Descent, patX, Circle Back, Broken Testimony, Reason Define, Artificial Oceans and The Lamplight Gospel!

Check it out here:

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