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Double Headliner at Tapps (20190308)

Whats going on Columbia? Its Friday, which mean shows shows shows!!!!!

Tonight in Columbia we have something truly special. There are TWO Hardcore/Punk shows going on at the same time at 2 different spaces within the Tapps Art Room.

The first event is "The New World Order Tour" at Soda Live in Tapps and will include bands:

Traitors (Metal - Florida)

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life (self proclaimed "Swing Music" - Mansfield, PA)

VCTMS (Hardcore/Metal - Streamwood, IL)

AGØNY (Metalcore - Charleston SC)

Descent (Hardcore/Alternative - Columbia, SC)

Doors are at 7pm

Tickets can be bought here

The second event is an ALL AGES event and located at the Space Hall at Tapps Art Center

Bands Include:

Dryrot (fka Unsettled)

Infant Island (VA screamo) Stress Fractures (NC/SC "twinkle") Taking Meds (NY math punk (members of Such Gold)) When I Say Jump (Columbia, SC emocore)

These are the setlist times

DOORS: 7:00 8:00-8:25 dryrot 8:40-9:05 Infant Island 9:20-9:45 When I Say Jump 10:00-10:25 Taking Meds 10:40-11:00 Stress Fractures

Also, according to a post on the event page, "Tickets to attend individual shows will be available at the door as well as tickets to attend both."

I will be going back and forth between both, so come say hello if you plan on attending either of these events. SO. MUCH. LIVE. MUSIC.

I love it, Columbia, I love it. See Ya'll There!

(We put in a request to interview Descent, which was (Kindly) denied. We will try to get this at another time upon approval, thanks for the patience!)

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