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"Disturbed's "Take Back Your Life" Tour: A heavy rock revival in Savannah?"

Disturbed brought their "Take Back Your Life" tour (with Falling In Reverse & Plush as support) in Savannah, Georgia this past Thursday at Enmarket Arena. This was my first time shooting and reviewing at this venue, and its really cool. I was suprised that I was the only non in-house photographer in the pit, but hey, even more room to dodge the pyro and BOY was there a LOT of pyro. Lets dive in.


Plush is an all female rock outfit from New York. All under 25 years old, and with billboard charting music...I was definitely compelled to check this band out. The music that they play caters to the exact demographic as Disturbed, but in a different way. The majority of people going to these concerts get really into the "heavier rock but still lightyears away from hardcore" sound, but also listens to "octane type mainstream radio" stations where Plush's niche fits extremely well. For Plush, supporting this tour was probably a no-brainer. All extremely good performers, and with big energy along with a boomer era radio rock cover to top it off, the fans ate it up.

Falling In Reverse

(I'm gonna try my best to not sound like a Ronnie-hater on this review and keep it as non-biased as possible)

Falling in Reverse, a band that carved a niche for itself in the scene-emo scene, recently took the stage in a performance that was anticipated by many but left a mixed impression. Known for their blend of over the top, contreversial lyrics, and hip hop elements, the band has always walked a tightrope between genres, a daring act that has won them a dedicated fan base. However, this set seemed to struggle with consistency, wavering between moments of brilliance and instances where the cohesion of their genre-blending identity seemed to fray. While Ronnie Radke's vocal prowess remains undeniable, the setlist choices and the band's execution on stage occasionally felt disjointed, lacking the seamless integration of their varied musical influences that fans have come to expect. Morseo, frontman Radke consistently spewed hypocritical & egotistical sentiments throughout their set. He also continuously moved the microphone away from his mouth in the middle of a note, sometimes even stopping singing to brag "yes, its really me." Much like the response of someone who is guilty, who asked? I'm kind of surprised Disturbed actually let them be direct support, as if they don't care about their largely respected reputation. and I couldn't imagine Radke going on stage in between songs to try to explain why his song "Asshole" is so good and why the audience "shouldn't worry about be assholes"(seemingly encouraging them to be, because he is admittedly one, so its okay for others to act like this...right?) Radke is definitely far from a role model, and their music, nor their performance make up for spewing their ethically questionable beliefs into the ears of crowds that they know young children attend. (pukes)

The guitarist was pretty good.


In high school, the "never fail" tell sign of a butt rock metal kid was the bad "ohhwa-ah-ah-ah" impression throughout the hallways(dies of laughter). On February 22, 2024, Disturbed rocked Savannah, Georgia, with their "Take Back Your Life" Tour, turning up the heat with an intense show packed with more pyro than you'd think possible. The stage was ablaze, literally making the photo pit a sauna. Their performance was solid, showcasing their signature hard rock sound that, even if not my usual pick, proved they know how to put on a show. The energy was through the roof, with each song bringing a wave of excitement that matched the fiery display. Though the pyrotechnics were a bit much, making you wonder if the show was more about the flames than the music, Disturbed didn't let it drown out their talent. They played a mix of old favorites and new bangers that had everyone, superfans and casual listeners alike, hooked. Even from a non-fan perspective, it's clear: Disturbed still has it, turning a regular concert into an unforgettable night. Make sure to check out the rest of the tour if its coming through yalls neck of the woods HERE.

All words & photos @SAUCEWITHSPOONS

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