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Beyoncé says "I Love You" to Charlotte

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter aka 'Beyoncé' aka 'Queen Bee' aka....we're gonna focus this piece on her return to Charlotte. Everybody knows(or thinks they do) Beyoncé and at her level, she doesn't need an introduction. So we're gonna get straight into why this tour was so special, and how great Beyoncé is as an 'everything' superstar.

Announcing a world tour after a six year hiatus from touring, and a 10 year span of performing in Charlotte; even the largest of venues such as Bank of America Stadium, was bound to sell-out. The crowds took to the streets like it was the Superbowl. I know im not the best writer, but at least you know its not AI. This shit was fucking craaaaaaazy. I saw the spectacle that was the Taylor Swift 'Eras Tour,' earlier this year, and I was still blown away by the production level of this show. Cinema level VFX, aeromoves, animatronic props at one point changing her outfit like the exact scene from Iron-man. It was crazy and I hate to use that word but it really was nuts.

I personally admire Beyoncé for a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to: respecting her family coming out the mud of 3rd Ward in Houston, Texas (where I also used to personally live) its incredibly inspiring and refreshing to see a black woman from the mud as one of the biggest global artist. I also admire the fact that shes not some hollow artist who fills in the blanks to prewrittens, she is (and has always been) crazy talented. Even her most critical haters cannot dispute this. And this show was a showcase of that sentiment in real life. The vocal control was otherworldly and its clear she brought her A game, and put everything into her performance. Completely memorizing. Effortlessly navigating from soulful ballads to electrifying dance anthems. The precision and power of her live singing, often lost in the realm of pop shows, were a testament to her artistry and dedication to delivering an authentic performance. I didnt enter the night knowing every Beyoncé song, I knew a few, but she made me feel like I knew every word to every song. I truly think she's magic.

As mentioned, the production value for her "Renaissance World Tour" was ridiculously jaw dropping, with elaborate set designs that seamlessly transformed the stage throughout the show. One moment, Beyoncé was standing atop a shimmering platform surrounded by a troupe of dancers; the next, she was suspended from the ceiling, serenading the crowd from above. Each visual element was carefully curated to enhance the emotional impact of the music, creating a multi-sensory experience that engulfed the audience.

It was truly an incredibly experience to witness, regardless of your enjoyment of her music or beliefs on her as a person, you can't leave this show without feeling completely raw and unfiltered love. Before exiting the 70k+ sold out Bank of America Stadium, she gave a mini speech, and it was so heartfelt. As a man that isn't afraid to embrace his feminine side, I couldn't help but feel hope for every single little black girl watching, as a living and breathing example of love & excellence exuded from Beyoncé. From bringing her crazy cute daughter Blue Ivy on stage, to dance and also share her love to the crowds pleasure. It was a 10/10 experience.

Check out the remaining dates of the "Renaissance World Tour" below.

All photos/words @SAUCEWITHSPOONS

  • 08-16 Tampa, FL - Raymond James Stadium

  • 08-18 Miami, FL - Hard Rock Stadium

  • 08-21 St Louis, MO - Dome at America’s Center

  • 08-24 Glendale, AZ - State Farm Stadium

  • 08-26 Las Vegas, NV - Allegiant Stadium

  • 08-30 San Francisco, CA - Levi’s Stadium

  • 09-02 Inglewood, CA - SoFi Stadium

  • 09-03 Inglewood, CA - SoFi Stadium

  • 09-11 Vancouver, British Columbia - BC Place

  • 09-13 Seattle, WA - Lumen Field

  • 09-18 Kansas City, MO - Arrowhead Stadium

  • 09-21 Dallas, TX - AT&T Stadium

  • 09-23 Houston, TX - NRG Stadium

  • 09-24 Houston, TX - NRG Stadium

  • 09-27 New Orleans, LA - Caesars Superdome

Check Livenation's official website for tickets.


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