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Being As An Ocean, I Prevail & Futuristic//Warped 17 Recap

Back with another Vans Warped Tour recap! Being as an Ocean's spoken word-core has always intrigued me, going against the grain with their vocal focused sound and semi-simplistic instrumentals. When I first checked them out, I assumed they would forever stay a niched scene band, but since then their fanbase has grown bigger than frontman Joel's gauge size. My recently deceased friend Dylan, actually introduced me to this band, and was obsessed with them, so everytime I hear them or hear of them I am reminded of the musical bond we used to share. The emotional lyrical content hits you right at the core, wether you want it to or not, and thats hard to create without being cheesy. BAAO pulled it off with flying colors. Rest easy Dylan Lightfoot. Check out their music video for "L'exquisite Douleur" below.

I Prevail is a band I discovered through the Connect feature on Apple Music. What is to be said? This Fearless Records band is just as much in your face with their hardcore braggadocios as they are mainstream. What makes this band work is the perfect synchronicity of the two vocalists. Clean vocalist Brian Burkheiser's smooth, punk-soul type voice blends perfectly on their catchy hooks alongside Eric Vanlerberghe's in your face screams. Check out their video for "Come & Get It" below.

Futuristic is a rapper who's been on the come up for a while now. His original "thing" was being the "Nerdy" rapper who can actually rap. He has bars for days, and can rap in double time really well. I didn't really like the "Nerdy Rap" label that was associated with his earlier music and music videos. Futuristic is the perfect example of how talent and dedication can make you or break you. With other rappers in former years on Warped Tour(Yelawolf, Waka Flocka, Watsky, Machine Gun Kelly, Black Eyed Peas and even Eminem) Futuristic has definitely found the appropriate tour platform to get his music discovered by a whole plethora of fans outside of his nerd niche. He put on a show for sure, interactive with the crowd and all. Good set. Check out his music video for "The Greatest" below.

Here is a photo recap from the sets of the aforementioned acts.

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